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Deb's Party Ponies specializes in entertaining kids for parties and small size  venues. My pony parties are best for kids aged 1 to 8, due to the weight limit for the riding pony. I am professional, friendly, and accommodating; as well as easy to work with . Attention to detail is important to me and I always go that extra mile to give you the Coolest Pony Party in Florida!
PLEASE READ! The rides are split up into 30 minutes sessions, the cart is done first, then the cart will be put up and the pony will come out for the last 30 minutes of rides. I have found that splitting it up like this, keeps the kids interested and the little ones that were at first afraid of the ponies, but after riding in the cart and playing with Reggie the donkey, then they want to ride on the pony. The Decorating Donkey is out for the whole hour.
Parties and Parks County and City Parks are becoming very difficult for people to book the ponies, either some parks do not allow them at all or want to be added to our insurance, which is an ADDITIONAL $110.00 that must be paid upon booking. We will not book your date until we have confirmation from the park that the ponies will be allowed. Should you book with us, without first checking with the park, your deposit will not be refunded, for it is a non-refundable deposit, unless, it is something on our side that prohibits us from doing your party, such as illness, etc.. The deposit is good for up to one year and can be used for another date.
When I first arrive, I will ask that the children are kept away from the trailer until the ponies are unloaded. Very young children will have to be assisted by an adult during the rides. There is no riding double, I can allow two kids to sit on a pony for a picture, as long as a parent is standing near the pony. I do appreciate having adults present and helping with keeping the kids in lines while waiting for their turns to ride. I do not encourage feeding the ponies any treats, for small fingers can be mistaken for a treat, plus it makes ponies very mouthy, wanting to grab things out of hands. I have an impeccable record for safety with my riders and ponies. I am fully insured for any size event.
In planning your event, it is best to have the ponies arrive about thirty minutes to an hour after the party has started, so that late comers will be able to enjoy the rides as well. I do not require a very large area and can easily do the rides in the front or back yards, sidewalks, cul-de-sac's, etc. I can suggest the best place to have the rides, once I have arrived. Pictures can be taken throughout the time the rides are going on. With the cart rides, up to 4 kids ride in the cart at the same time.
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